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(or the appropriate name in the parent directory of your program's source files) file. This is what the AVI, MPEG, WAV, MPG, WV, VORBIS, TAK, MP2, STREAM, etc. file extension means. If you have a particular reason for using a particular extension or another format, say so in the command line to program, e.g. prog -Dtag=foo -Dext=foo.avi An alternative solution is to use a header file, something like: #ifndef _FORMAT_HEADER #define _FORMAT_HEADER #ifdef foo typedef int foo; #else typedef int bar; #endif #endif /* _FORMAT_HEADER */ and then declare all your structures and constants as, for example, foo mystruct You could then use the appropriate constants from the _FORMAT_HEADER file. A: You can also override the standard extensions by creating your own.h and.c files (with standard prototypes) and reusing the same CFLAGS to compile them. You will, of course, have to install your own headers with a different name (e.g. MYHEADER.h instead of standard headers). In the comments I have mentioned the header file extension. You can also include the header file in the source. Evaluation of an internet-based vaccine against HIV infection: a randomized study of vaccine acceptability and immunogenicity among high-risk young adults. Our objective was to examine the acceptability and immunogenicity of the first web-based vaccine against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, which was developed by AVI BioPharma Inc. During 2003, 25 high-risk persons were randomized to receive either two or four immunizations with the vaccine (Vax004) and compared with 25 persons randomized to receive two or four intramuscular injections of placebo (PBO). Immunogenicity endpoints included HIV-specific T cell responses measured before and after the first and third immunizations, and reactogenicity profiles measured after the first and third immunizations. Persons who received the four doses of the web-based vaccine produced comparable levels of HIV-specific T cells and were more likely to




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PSN Package NPDRMrar [Latest-2022]
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